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We are on the lookout for some very special foster homes for a few of our resident cats. Due to their age, extra dietary or medical needs, it would be wonderful for them to be placed in a loving, warm and comfortable home. Full support of the rescue will be given for these cat/s, all you need to provide is some time, a cosy spot and lots of love.



  • All vet coats are covered.

  • Flea and worming treatments are provided.

  • We will help with food, toys, treats, litter trays, bedding and carriers.

  • We also provide full support to help you care for your cat and have a wonderful community of fosterers who regularly communicate with each other to share their experiences and knowledge. 


  • Kittens will be fostered in either pairs or groups.

  • All foster cats need to remain as indoor cats.

  • Long term and palliative care foster homes needed too.

If you would like to be considered becoming a foster family for Clay County Cat Care, please complete an application form.

Foster kitten


I'm a foster mum to a wonderful old boy, called Henry. He came to us as an abuse case, and was very wary and nervous of multiple things, as well as having a very troublesome medical issue. He has undergone many vet trips, and surgery, he has to remain on medication everyday, maybe for the rest of his life, that we have to syringe in, as we can't always trust him to eat his food. He had suffered considerable weight loss and was very scruffy, scared and wary cat. We have seen him develop and progress into a very handsome, happy old boy. It has been a wonderful journey being a part of his recuperation, both mentally and physically, and knowing that this lovely old boy can live the rest of his days with the love and comfort he deserves. It is a wonderful experience fostering these cats that need time to heal. I would recommend fostering to everyone that loves acts, and has the time and space. Henry is now confident, happy, contented old boy. He still gets a bit wary of sudden  movements and loud talking, and he has fitted in very well with our three other permanent cats, two of which, are also from the rescue. The whole process of fostering these rescued cats, is amazing, knowing you are giving them a chance to recover from whatever trauma each on has endured.

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