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What is the adoption process?

Clay County Cat Care operate a strict adoption process which consists of our Adoption Application Form as a first step to enable us to assess suitability and compatibility with the cats we have at the rescue. A Member of Clay County Cat Care will visit your home as part of our adoption process. The stage at which this happens can vary depending on various criteria.

The purpose of this is not to pry but to ensure a safe environment for a cat or kitten and to ensure that you have considered all aspects of caring for your pet and to offer advice or information if relevant or needed.

How do I apply?

Contact us by phone on 01726 838 727, email or through our Facebook Page.

How long does it take to hear back about my application?

Typically you will hear back from Clay County Cat Care within 24 hours however during exceptionally busy times it can take up to 2 or 3 days. If longer than this has passed and you have not heard from us then please let us know.

If my application is successful can I visit Clay County Cat Care and pick a cat to take home?

If your application is successful you will be invited to visit Clay County Cat Care and meet with Leanne and the cat(s) in question we feel may be suitable for you. We do not permit a ‘pick and buy’ approach and if this is what you wish we are not the rescue for you. We ALWAYS carry out a home check. You will not be permitted to leave Clay County Cat Care with your cat(s) on the same day as your visit, unless previously agreed with the Homing Officer and Leanne.

Have cats leaving Clay County Cat Care been neutered, etc?

Cats leaving us will have been vet checked, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, worm/flea treated and vaccinated.

What is the policy on a micro-chipped rescue cat/kitten?

Every cat will be micro-chipped to Clay County Cat Care, each cat/kitten will remain registered to the rescue in case of any issues which may occur due to the health or well being of the cat. We do this to ensure the safety of our adopted cats are always met, if for any reason you the adoptee cannot be reached. After 3 months we can dual register the cat/kitten if deemed necessary. With each cat/kitten we can change any details free of charge as they will be under our cluster of rescue cat/kitten microchips. IT IS NOT ALLOWED FOR ANY ADOPTEE TO CHANGE THE DETAILS ON OUR RESCUE CATS/KITTENS MICROCHIP UNLESS PERMISSION HAS BEEN AGREED WITH LEANNE - MANGER AND OWNER OF CCCC.

Where does my donation go?

Funds from adoption donations go directly to Clay County Cat Care to help care for the cats and kittens who are looking for their forever homes. This donation does not fully cover all costs involved in the care of each individual cat we re-home, but it helps to meet a portion of our running costs. The entire team at Clay County Cat Care are unpaid volunteers and all funds raised for the rescue goes to pay for food and veterinary care.

Will I be given any information on feeding and care of my new cat?

Yes, you will receive a detailed care pack when picking up your new cat/kitten.

Can I call you for help or advice after adoption?

You can contact Clay County Cat Care for advice regarding feeding, grooming and routine care queries at any time following adoption.

What is your adoption policy for homing kittens with children under 3 years old?

Kittens younger than 6 months of age will generally not be re-homed to adoptees with children under 1 years old. We will in every case look at each applicant and assess. There are a number of reasons for this policy that are directly related to the welfare of the kitten. Small kittens are very fragile and often suffer from broken bones and minor injuries may go unnoticed by owners from overzealous children who, through no act of intentional harm, accidentally cause injury. Also, many young kittens find babies and toddlers very scary and can often make the cat aggressive and/or nervous. We have had many young kittens or cats brought into rescue from homes with very young children due to behaviour problems developed from stress.

What is the youngest age kittens are re-homed from Clay County Cat Care?

We do not re-home kittens before 8 weeks of age under ANY circumstances.

Do Clay County Cat Care accept applications for indoor only cat adoptions?

We LOVE applications from indoor only homes and are always happy to dispel the myth of indoor cat = unhappy cat. Indoor cats live just as happy, fulfilled lives providing their owners recognise and stimulate their needs. We are always happy to provide advice on indoor cats

What are your opening hours?

We do not have set opening hours as we are not open to the public. Routine enquiries can be made between the hours of 10.00 am until 6:00 pm by phone. This does not guarantee someone is there to take your call as we could be out on an emergency call or dealing with other matters. If we are unable to answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Who can I contact in case of an emergency?

Urgent or emergency calls should be made to 01726 839 727 for very sick, injured cats or found kittens. This number is ONLY for genuine cat related emergencies.

Can I visit Clay County Cat Care?

Visits to us are by appointment only. Please ensure you contact us prior to visiting. If you turn up without an appointment and we are busy with the cats or with another client you will not be seen and asked to make an appointment for another day.

As we do not have a team of staff on hand there are times when we will be dealing with site visits, adoptions, meetings and from time to time personal commitments. These hours are a guideline only and are not hours where we have a dedicated phone service.

Why do I need an appointment to visit?

Appointments are necessary due to the high workloads at Clay County Cat Care and having a small team. Appointments are necessary as they allow us to plan our days and meetings and allow us to give you as much time as is necessary to meet with cats and to discuss your issues, desires, suitability without feeling rushed. We operate with a few volunteers to help with daily chores on certain days however all other commitments are managed by Leanne.

Do you hold a lost and found register?

Yes, we do. You can send us information regarding your lost or found cat on our contact page, on Facebook 

or e-mail:

I have found a cat I think is lost or stray – what should I do?

Please contact the rescue in the first instance on 01726 839 727 or on Facebook . We have the ability to check the cat for a microchip, which is the best way to reunite a pet with its owner. If the cat you have found is injured and in need of veterinary care due to an open wound or very poor condition then please contact us straight away.

Following this, put the cat's details on as many lost and found sites as you can and contact all local rescues to let them know you have found a cat. Put notices in your local shop, notice boards and go door to door asking residents in the area.

Lost cats are generally within 1-2 miles of their own home so do make sure as a minimum you have gone door to door at least 5 streets in any direction from your home.

Also, if the cat will allow you to approach it, place a paper collar around the neck of the cat secured firmly, but loose enough to allow 2 fingers between the collar and the cat's neck.

Write on the piece of paper – “ I believe this to be a lost cat if your cat please call me on ###### “. If the cat already wears a collar an option is to create a paper tag in the same way and attach it to the existing collar with the same information. You should leave the paper collar on for at least 7- 10 days.

Continue to monitor and check lost and found websites and notify rescue’s if you find the owner.

If you are able to catch the cat and have a secure cat carrier you can also bring the cat to us to be scanned for a microchip, which will hopefully allow the cat to be returned home much quicker.

DO NOT – just pick up the cat, keep it indoors or take and leave with a rescue immediately without having attempted the steps above first.

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