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Our Mission Statement

Clay County Cat Care is a network or trained volunteers dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned abused and neglected cats.

We are a no-kill organisation committed to caring for every cat we rescue. To achieve this, we rely on the hard work of Volunteers and donations from the community.

Our Vision:

To achieve this, we will provide cats and kittens with a safe environment, medical care, and the love they deserve. We treat every cat that comes in to us, and have a strict no-kill policy unless advised by our vet to do so for humane reasons.

Our Aims:

Rescuing/Cat Care/Neutering/Rehoming

All cats/kittens that come in to CCCC are vet checked, wormed/flea treated, and neutered (where old enough). There are numerous reasons CCCC have to take in and rehome cats/kittens and every case is unique. We work with all previous owners to ensure they are made aware of our polices and aims, and to ensure owners that we are here to help their cat/kitten.

We operate a waiting list that cats go on if we are unable to take them straightaway due to capacity, and we also reach out to other rescues to see if they are also able to help. We prioritise each and every cat that we are asked to take in. Emergency cases are always top of the list.

All the cats/kittens that leave CCCC are adopted and will remain as a part of CCCC for their lifetime. This is to ensure they are kept safe. All CCCC cats are neutered before leaving us, unless they are to young, and upon adoption, their owners enter in to out neutering agreement to have them neutered at 5/6 months of age. We carry out follow-up checks to ensure they have been neutered and will also speak to the veterinary practice whom we are informed have performed the operation.

When it comes to rehoming any of our cats/kittens, particular care is taken to find the right home. We carry out home checks on all prospective new owners; we also carry out further checks at 6 months to ensure the cat/kitten has settled. We will remain in contact throughout the cats/kittens life to ensure the safety of our adopted felines.

If for any reason the owners are unable to continue caring for their cat, we operate a strict policy whereby owners inform CCCC so we can bring the cat/kitten back in to the rescue or help rehome. Under no circumstances are the owners to give up and rehome without contacting us. This policy is enforced to ensure the safety of our cats and kittens throughout their lifetime.

Our aim is to educate people about cat care and prevent cruelty. We have a scheme in place that helps educate young children to ensure they are aware of cat/kitten care and safety. This is to educate the next generation of cat and kitten owners.

About Us: About Us
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