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WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: VOLUNTEERS who can come and help out at the rescue for a couple of hours a week to clean, feed and socialise the many cats and kittens in our care. VOLUNTEERS who would like to help us fundraise, this could be in a planned indoor area or outside fundraising. We could also do with more FOSTERERS, with one rescue in the area currently closed for renovations we have a massive number of calls to deal with on a daily basis and not enough room at the rescue, we need families and people to offer a space in their home to foster one of the many cats and kittens currently on our waiting list, the rescue will pay for any medical treatment the cats need but we do ask that unless you live in a safe area our rescue cats are kept indoors throughout you fostering them. We will do our best to get them neutered, chipped and vaccinated before coming in to your home. We have many senior Catazins in permanent foster so if you are able to SPONSOR one of them for only £3 a month or £25 a year we will keep you up to date on their progress and our fosterer can send you updates and photos of your chosen catazin. We can even send you a certificate of sponsorship on your chosen catazin. Do you know if you were to DONATE as little as 2p a day this would enable the rescue to continue saving the many cats and kittens that are brought to our attention. If even half the supports on our page were to donate every month or even every 3, 6 or 12 months we would be able to treat and safe many life’s and help the cats that need us the most. ( please contact one of our admin team for our bank details or you can donate by going on to our website and choosing an amount you would like to donate. ) But most of all we all need to EDUCATE our friends and family about the importance of neutering your Cat and also the importance of microchipping and insuring your beloved Cat, this way Cat rescues wouldn’t be over run with unwanted or abused cats and kittens. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND SUPPORT.  

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Goonamarris, St Stephen, St Austell, 

Cornwall,PL26 7QX

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