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Update Lester, Dreamer and Squeaky


Today (12/3/19) I was contacted by a lady called Karen who was the original owner of Dreamer and Lester, she sadly had to rehome them after her mum took ill and she had to move away to Care for her.

Karen rehomed both cats in the understanding the gentleman had them booked in to be neutered, sadly this didn’t happen and the gentleman allowed them to breed, we also now know Dreamer and Lester are 7 years old and as kittens were found with mum in a ladies garden.

Karen had no idea how bad the cats were being treated and allowed to get in such a state. We have also been informed Squeaky was born they believe in 2013, Dreamer has two kittens both with deformities but sadly one of the kittens passed away as has major deformities. We dread to think how many other litters she may have had.

It sounds like these poor cats have been through it and the RSPCA were involved in 2016 because Lester got out and was found in a very poor state by a shop owner, I don’t understand why the cats were not removed then.

All 3 of these beautiful babies will be treated and rehomed to families who will ensure they are never treated so badly again.

Below are some pictures of Lester and Dreamer as kittens and a picture I was also sent of Dreamer and a litter we believe Squeaky was from.

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