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Thank you to everyone that sent me condolences for the loss of Ozzy. A couple of days before I had to make the decision to let him go he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and even tho we knew we didn’t have long we wanted to give him as much love as possible but sadly on the Monday he started peeing blood and after speaking with 2 vets the hard decision was made to let him pass over the rainbow bridge. I only had the pleasure of caring for Ozzy for 5 weeks but it felt like months, I was devastated and I felt that after all he had been put through the one last thing I could do for him was have him individually cremated and have this lovely urn, to sit prize of place on our new reception so he welcomes every person and Cat that comes through our doors. Thank you also to Jo who made losing Ozzy that night a little easier as she was able to decide with me what was best for him. Also to my wonderful team who covered some of my shifts at the rescue. RIP Ozzy Finally at peace but never forgotten. 

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