Saving Felix; Medical Grade Leech Therapy

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

You may remember beautiful Felix who came to CCCC, 2 years ago, after he was taken to a vet to be euthanised, as his owner passed away. You may remember he had a trauma to his back and tail which needed urgent treatment, which Leanne found out later it was due to a rta, and that the wounds hadn’t had any treatment and Felix was left with a deformed left high leg. Felix has come back into the rescue 2 years on due to the severity of a deep set infection in his leg also non healing wounds, and that he would need it amputated. As we all know Leanne, she is determined to do anything to help a cat/Kitten within her care. After speaking to Fiona at Rock view and with Fiona after her long research into helping Felix, to help save his leg. Rock View have been trialing an exciting Medical grade Leech therapy within their practice, to help save Felix’s leg. With the help of these Leeches Felix’s wounds have shrunk to almost nothing. Please watch the video to met our brave little man to learn more on this amazing treatment. 

Cornwall Channel Video

BBC Radio Cornwall’s Report Due to his treatment it has cost the rescue a lot, if you can in some way donate as little as £1 towards his on going care, we would appreciate it. We really do need your help and support to give Felix this fighting chance. Thank you all on behalf of the team and of course Felix. You can donate via our donation page on our website Donation Page Direct to rock view quoting CCCC-Felix; 01726 890 887 Pay pal; Or via bank transfer Sort code. 544112 

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