Save Cayden’s Life Update

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

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Good Saturday morning to you all, Cayden is much brighter this morning and has had his drip removed, he is bright and has a massive appetite. He will be re-examined by Fiona on Monday to see how is wound is healing and if she feels we need to move in to the second stage of treatment. 


Cayden has had a comfortable weekend, his wound started to weep a little yesterday so we are waiting for Syliva our vet to examine him later this morning. He has his cone back on which he isn’t to happy about but the veterinary nurses are giving him lots of love and food. 

30/10/18 I’ve spoken with our vet this morning and Cayden is bright and eating very well. He is on strong antibiotics for his wound and pain killers but is content and happy. 

31/10/18 Spoken with Rock View this morning and Cayden has had K-Lazer and is up and about meowing for more food, his wound is looking dry and will be examined by Fiona later this morning. So far so good.

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