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Updated: Nov 7, 2018

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***Warning Photos are distressing***

Cayden was found on the 21/10/18 in a greenhouse in Bodmin, he had an horrendous injury to his tail, which we believed was caused by a vehicle running over his tail and degloving it. His injury was believed to be about 7-10 days old, he was rushed to an out of hours vet. On the 22/10/18 Clay County Cat Care took over the care of Cayden and transferred him to our vets where he was given pain killers and examined and kept in for surgery the following day. Whilst being examined by our vet, Cayden wrapped his front paws around my wrist and held me tight. I was talking to him and reassuring him that he was safe and we were there to help him. He had tears in his eyes, I’ve never in my 20 years seen a wound so severe and a cat still so loving whilst obviously in so much pain. On the 23/10/18 I spoke with our vet in the morning who informed me they had sent photos to a specialist so they knew the best course of action to treat his injury. By 2pm Cayden was having his operation and was having his tail completely removed and his skin cleaned and sutured back together. We knew there may be complications and we may lose him but he deserved very chance we could give him to a new pain free life. After his surgery he took a little while to come back around as he is so painfully thin, but when I went down to visit him later that day he was curled up in his warm cage, the vet team had put the heating up to ensure he stayed warm. I was informed that the surgery went well and the first stage of his recovery had gone to plan. He will remain on pain killers and he will be monitored closely over the next few days to ensure his wounds don’t open or start breaking down. I spoke with our vet team today (24/10/18) I was informed Cayden was doing well but still hadn’t been able to go for a poo. This is a concern as if he is unable to go means his nerves in his spine may have been affected. I spoke to our vet team about 6.30pm and Cayden was bright and eating well but still no poo. Cayden will remain in our care and we will provide all the vet treatment and care he needs, this may include a skin graph and further surgeries at a later day, CCCC are asking for help in stages to pay for Cayden’s current and ongoing treatment which will save his life and enable him to find a loving forever home in the future I will keep you all updated on Cayden’s progress. Thank you all in advance. 25/10/18 I’ve been to see Cayden this morning and it’s not the news we were hoping for, he is having issues with his urine and still hasn’t been able to go for a poo, we are not sure if this is down to pain or if he has nerve damage to his bladder and bowel. The vet has advised to run bloods this morning to check his kidney function. He is very quite this morning and looked so subdued. I will keep you all updated on his progress. 25/10/18 I’ve spoken with our vet and Cayden’s blood results came back clear, he is still very quiet and subdued, it has been decided that he needs to have 24 hour care so will be transferred to c-vets for overnight care this week. Of course we are all keeping our paws crossed for him and will keep you all updated. As you can imagine our vets bill is going up and we are in need of your help! If you are able to help by donating as much as you can direct on to our vets bill please call Rock View Vets on 01726 890887 and let the girls know you would like to donate to Cayden’s bill. 26/10/18 I’ve spoken with our vets this morning Cayden is much brighter and able to use both his bladder and bowel but sadly his wound has started to break down a bit so we will be keeping a very close eye on this. I’ve been down to see Cayden this evening (26/10/18) and he is looking much brighter, he is still on a drip and he has had staples put in to try and help his skin heal together.  


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