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Lester, Dreamer and Squeaky need your help.

Severely neglected cats, Lester, Dreamer and Squeaky need your donations to put them back to good health.

We are looking at 2 dentals for Dreamer and Squeaky, all 3 need treatment of antibiotics and steroids for their skin condition, Squeaky has severe skin condition and also a deformed leg which he was born with due to his parents being siblings, this has left Squeaky in pain and very uncomfortable and will need his leg amputated. We are unable to amputate until his skin condition has healed.

Clay County Cat Care now have these babies safe in their care and treatment has commenced. Any donation of any amount will help us pay for their urgent treatment and care. We only ask when we really need your help.

The bill for all 3 to be treated will be in the region of £1200. If you can help please donate.

Dreamer and Lester are only 5 years old and Squeaky is only 3 years old so they have many years ahead of them and with your help we can ensure they are treated and rehomed and have a safe and healthy future.

Our GoFundMe link to donate:


Thank you in advance.

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