Faiths story

Meet Faith who was found in Bugle on 17/06/17 by a member of the public who seen her just laying on the side of the road and went over and then seen how poorly she was. Faith arrived to us in such a state, she was being fed by a local who was to scared to take her to the vets because she didn't want her put to sleep. They had been feeding her for 3-4 years. Faith has ulcers and blisters in her mouth and on her tongue, she has a virus that has and still is eating away at her upper lip, she has a nasty wound on her left hip, her belly is covered in infected blisters and sores. She is very underweight and her fur is very sparse. Her overall condition is very poor, the vets score from 1-10, with 10 being the best and 1 the worst and she is scoring 1. She was seen by our vet on Monday morning and admitted for treatment, a swab was taken of the wound on her left hip and a complete health check done. The pallet of her mouth is so sore due to a blister which covers half the top pallet and ulcers on her tongue and back of her upper pallet. We have her on a wet food so it's easier for her to eat. She was given pain relief and antibiotics. She was taken back in to the vets on Thursday as she needed to go under a general anaesthetic for biopsies to be taken from her mouth and belly.We have already spent over £400 on her treatment and will continue to try and save her life, we are hoping the results of both her tests don't show anything bad that we will be unable to treat.What we need from all of our supporters and general public is help to cover her vets bill and help pay for her food, even if you can only donate £1 that will help. Please can you share this plea for help for such a loving cat that needs every chance of a second chance of life.  

We have had the results of Faiths swabs taken from her back knee/hip and the biopsy taken from lumps on her belly and mouth. The great news is that she doesn't have anything contiguous and the lumps are not cancerous, we have been advised to remove all the lumps from her belly and mouth, just to be on the safe side. She has to have more bloods taken and go on a course of antibiotics for a week before surgery. Faith has settled at the rescue and is gaining weight and her fur is growing back with a little shine, she is such a cuddle bug and is always so happy to see us. After talking with our vet we have wondered if faith has had some type of harmful liquid thrown at her or she has fallen in to something and then when she groomed herself that's why she has ulcers and abscesses in her mouth. We will never know how she got in to the Awful state she is in but we do know with your help we can save her and give her a second chance at life. Our little fighter has had her operation to remove the lumps on her belly and tongue, unfortunately some of the lumps on her belly were just to deep to be removed, they have been there to long and they have gone right through to many layers of her skin to be removed safely. Faith has had to remain at the vets so they can K-Laser her wounds. This will help with the healing of her wounds but will also hopefully help the wounds she has remaining on her belly. Sadly she hasn't put on the weight we were hoping since arriving but now her tongue has been operated on we are now confident that she will now put on weight. She has to remain on wet food for a couple of weeks and we are hoping to find her a foster home to recover and flourish. We would like to thank everyone that has donated towards faiths treatment so far. She will need to be put on a high calorie food to help gain weight. The wound to her back leg is still very red and sore and this will also undergo K-Lasering We still need your help as Faith has a long way until she is fully recovered. She has a lot of weight to gain and her fur and body needs time to improve. 

Faith has stole the hearts of all that work at CCCC, she is still recovering from her surgery, she still has to wear a cone, which may I add she really dosnt like but we have to give her wounds time to heal. Her coat is looking much better, even tho she could do with a good bath, whilst she has wounds on her legs and belly we are unable to bathe her and irritate them, she is on a special supplement that will help with her hair and skin. She is due in to see Fiona for a check up this week. We knew that Faiths injuries would not heal overnight and that she would be a long term resident at CCCC, once Fiona has given her the all clear we will find a foster home for her to continue recovering in.

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