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Faith needs your help

Faith was taken in to the vet on Saturday by her foster mum who was very worried about the injury to her leg. Our vet called me yesterday and had some news that I had a feeling was going to need to be discussed sooner rather then later as Faith has been with us for a few months and has already had one operation, after being examined on Saturday our vet couldn't stop thinking about her all weekend. After speaking with our vet for a while I was informed we really only had two choices on Faiths future: 1) To operate and hope that the wound would heal this time, our vet has informed me it's a 50/50 chance. Or 2) Put her to sleep We decided to give Faith a chance and fight for her yet again but we need your help, we will have a very large vets bill as once this operation has been completed and Faith has hopefully recovered she will need ongoing treatment and possible surgery on her mouth. We have had a lovely supporter today come forward after speaking to me and finding out about Faith, Tim is willing to match pound for pound on what we raise upto £500. Faiths bill is likely to reach over a £1000. If anyone can help you can donate either by calling Rockview vets on 01726 890887 and quoting CCCC - Faith, going on to our website and using the donate buttons.or via bank transfer (please send a message via our contact page/ call the rescue for details.  As you can see by the picture below Faith is so happy with her foster family, she was cuddled up watching Finding Nemo with the children and deserves every chance we can give her.  


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