Cayden Update

1/11/18 I’ve spoken with Fiona this morning and sadly Cayden’s skin has started to break down, we are going to try leech therapy to help with the healing before needing to operate again, what has also been noticed is Cayden has entropian in both eyes so will be having surgery tomorrow to ease the pain he must be in. We have had to go to the second stage of Cayden’s treatment, we have updated our goal as Cayden deserves every chance we can give him to get better and find him his forever home.

1/11/18 - 5pm I’ve been down to see Cayden tonight before his operation tomorrow to both of his eyes. He loved fuss and I took down treats for him as we need to get some weight on him. I’ll keep you all updated tomorrow on how his operation.


Update on Cayden Not the news we expected, whilst Cayden was under anaesthetic this morning and the team noticed his breathing was very erratic, so I was called and I agreed that an X-ray was needed. Unfortunately it has shown major injury to his diaphragm, we believe this must of happened when his tail was injuried, the vet team believe that he had a little tear and since being with us and putting on weight his diaphragm has completely ruptured. The locus vet advised me to put him to sleep, I asked him if Cayden had a chance and he said a slight chance, I then rushed back from a homecheck I was doing in Truro and went straight to the vets, after the vet team had spoken to Fiona we agreed he has so much fight to get where he is right now. I couldn’t just give up on him so we will be operating on him to repair the diaphragm, it maybe we open him up and there is nothing we can do but I want to give Cayden every chance possible. As you can imagine this operation isn’t going to be cheap, please can you continue to help and support Cayden by donating what ever you can. You can also call our vet direct on 01726 890887 and donate direct to Cayden’s vet bill.

3/11/18 Spoken with Rock View, Cayden is bright and eating well so surgery is planned for Monday. His eye operation had to be postponed until this more severe injuries are operated on. We are all keeping everything crossed for a great outcome on Monday.

5/11/18 Sorry for the late update but we have been waiting for advice back from a specialist, sadly Cayden’s wound has broken down so our vet has been advised we need to operate on Cayden’s tail again, due to the fact we needed to speak to a specialist our little boy didn’t undergo surgery today as we didn’t want to put him through two surgeries.

The plan is tomorrow our vet will operate on Cayden’s tail and then repair the internal injuries. As you can imagine this surgery is very serious and now with the extra surgery on his tail we are asking for you all to send good luck and think of our brave boy tomorrow. This surgery to repair his diaphragm will need the veterinary team to breath for him, all the CCCC team are very much on edge as we all understand that Cayden may not come around from this operation. Please please take a moment and send all positive thoughts to Cayden.

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