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Buffy 16th June 2020

Updated: Jun 17

Well today started very early for Buffy, Angel and myself, as we took Buffy to see Malcolm at Cave Vets near Taunton.

Buffy was put under a general anaesthetic and had new X-rays and checks done. As you can see below Buffy has a Malunion left proximal tibial physeal fracture, she has also damaged her growth plate and because kittens bones heal so quickly, Buffy’s has started to heal but heal wrong. As Buffy is only 7 weeks old her age and size are against her having it re broken so it has been chosen by vet to see her again in 5 weeks to re-examine to see how her limb is developing and she will have surgery in the future once her limb has developed and repair her limb then.

Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated towards Buffys care so far, today appointment was between £800/1000 alone, each visit will cost between £300-£800 which are likely to be every 6 weeks plus the surgery when she is old enough has been quoted around the £3000 mark. This must make some people think why not amputate her leg, my answer is if the NHS wasn’t free and you had to pay for your care would you suggest you put a member of your family down if it cost this much?

Every £1 that is donated really does make a difference and it’s because of all you lovely people that we are able to help Buffy keep her leg. 💕🐾🐾🐾

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