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Buffy 15th June 2020

Updated: Jun 17

Today we have been told that the orthopaedic surgeon that was going to repair Buffy’s leg is away. We are now desperately trying to find an orthopaedic surgeon who can operate and save her leg before Friday when our vet will have to remove her leg completely.

Buffy is only 7 weeks old but she is a fighter and has been since she first arrived when she was only 2/3 weeks old. She is one of my handrears and loves cuddles, I feel I would be letting buffy down if I don’t at least try and safe her leg.

I have spoken to a couple of vet practices and I’m awaiting a price which we will need to also fundraise for and pay before the operation.

Update... I’ve just spoken with Caves Referrals Buffy has an appointment at 10am tomorrow to see if they are able to safe her leg. It is so important now that we have the money for the operation. If your able to donate just a little to help please use one of the methods below:

You can donate via

Go Fund Me please click here - https://gf.me/u/x7vjh5

PayPal- please click here makeadifference@claycountycatcare.com

Or direct to our rescue account details are:

Clay County Cat Care

S/C 544112

A/N 46240667

Thank You

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