A Few CCCC Babies We Thought To Save

These beautiful babies below are just a few of the cats that have come in to us over the last 6 years and we have gone, above and beyond to save every last one of them. In some cases sadly it wasn’t the happy ever after they deserved but they were shown love and compassion right till the end.

It’s because of you wonderful supporters we have been able to save these furbabies, with your very kind help, generosity and support we have raised over £20k just on these babies below to give them that chance of a new life.

2013- Cooper, he was handreared and at the time believed that he sadly wouldn’t make a year old due to health issues and next March he turns 6 years old 😊

2014 - Minstrel, she was brought in at 3 weeks old with severe anemia due to fleas which left her fighting for life, it was because of your support we where able to raise the funds needed for Minstrels care.

2014 - Brea, who needed life saving surgery after getting in to cleaning products, lost her eye and sadly passed away whilst under anaesthetic for further surgery.

2014 - Yorkie, he came to the rescue after he was beaten everyday with a broom and thrown from a 3 storey building. We were advised to have him pts due to his horrific pass. With out your support and Leanne‘s hard work of gaining his trust he would never of found love and his forever home.

2015 - Buddy, he was rushed in to us after a near fatal car accident left him fighting for his life, with your help we where able to raise the £4.5k needed for his treatment and recovery.

2015/2018 - Felix, he was taken in by us after he was handed in to a vets to be put to sleep. He had horrendous injuries which you very kindly help raise the funds to keep him alive. Felix underwent 2 major surgeries to close a nasty wound on his back. Felix was again brought in to our care this year after a nasty leg wound, and needed radical new treatment to save his leg.

2015 - Monty, he came in to us after he was hit by a car and needed life saving surgery which resulted in him having his leg amputated.

2016 - Connor, this sweet boy was a handreared that sadly became very poorly and we all fought so hard to give him all the care available to him. But sadly we had to let him pass over the Rainbow bridge when he became to unwell and we were left with no other treatments available to save him.

2017- Sasha, she was brought in to us as a young injured kitten, when she was examined by our vet she was found to have an air rifle pellet in her shoulder and she needed to undergo further surgery.

2018 - Jasper, needed life saving surgery after a previous leg injury which was left untreated for 2 years, left him in unbelievable discomfort and pain, which resulted in his leg being amputated after previous treatment by us to try and save the leg didn’t work.

2018 - Cayden, he is our recent warrior to have been given another chance at life even though he was given less then a 10% chance of survival by 2 vets after being hit by a car and his injuries left untreated for at least 7-10 days.

Most of these felines are now in new homes enjoying a life they, would not of been able to have without all of your help and dedication to them and our rescue.

Because of all you wonderful supporters these cats have had a second chance at life which they would not have been able to get with out your dedicated and continued support.

Thank you for all from the bottom of the CCCC Teams heart.


Without your amazing kind support, these rescue cats would not of been able to receive the life saving treatment they needed.

All the team at CCCC past and present would like to thank you all for your support to help save and change the future for the many furbabies that have needed you over the last 6 years. 😸🐾🐾🐾

Sadly Brea and Connor were just to poorly to pull through but knew love right till the end and knew we never gave up on them.

Sadly Yorkie passed away this year to kidney failur.

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