7/11/18 Cayden Update

I’ve spoken with Rock View this morning and Cayden has returned from his over night hospitalisation stay at C Vets.

The team are much happier with him, he is bright and moving around and as you can see enjoying his 2nd helping of breakfast lol.

The first thing I noticed from the video when I received it from the veterinary nurses is that Cayden looks much brighter and more stable on his paws. He is still slightly anemic which is expected after such a big operation. I also have to keep telling myself it is early days in his recovery.

But so far he is looking so much better, I really can’t thank the people enough who have been involved in Cayden’s case, from the veterinary team to the CCCC team plus every single caring person who has donated towards his treatment.

I will keep you all updated on his care. He will been seen by Fiona later this morning.

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