The Clay County Cat Care Team

Administrative Committee: 

Homecheck Officers

  • Helen Morrison

  • Karensa Drage

  • Melissa Kate

  • Rachel Harris

  • Sue Newman


  • Mandy Donneky



  • Alisha Best 

  • Madison Johns

  • Muriel Hooley 

  • Sue Newman 



  • Alice Rose Grimshaw

  • Amelie Martin

  • Dan Snell

  • Jessica Weighill

  • Laura Nicholas Hall -Secretary/Fosterer

  • Lyn Clark

  • Mandy Donneky

  • Victoria Allen

We also have many more volunteers that home check, help with fundraising, and support our rescue in many different ways. If you would like to volunteer or help in some way please do get in touch.

Contact Us

Goonamarris, St Stephen, St Austell, 

Cornwall,PL26 7QX

        07851729244/ 01726 839 727   



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